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Do not eat any medicines, you can become a 'Long run Horse' on bed by just a simple exercise: read how

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Se#x is physical and mental need for health of every person, doctors says those who doesn’t have se#x can have many diseases in their life, such as high blood pressure, prostate cancer, mental issues and heart attack etc. but habit or having more Se#x can also cause this issue for them. They become so mad after se#x that they cannot wait for se#x and they also spoil their mental health by becoming victims of it.

Parents says haste makes things worst, same things happens in se#x too In the haste people get in problem of premature ejaculation due to which this disease can gradually converted to mental illness. Some people start to eat expensive medicines or they start looting their money by going to some neutral hakims also starts eating some medicines 
like Viagra and ruining their bodies.

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For such people, today we are going to tell you a simple exercise that will make you become a long race horse on bed and your life will be happier.

Relationships Goal on Long Drive in Se#x.

Suppose you have to take a car from Mumbai for the 'long drive', if you take the car with a nonstop and fast speed, your car tires may burst or oil me get over on the way and you will also get tired but if you stop and take breaks in between you will not get tired and car will also can go on long run. The same thing applies in se#x too, if you try to go nonstop, you will get stuck in the middle of the road.

Read About Exercise
Everyone knows the art of stopping piss but some of you may not know that to stop urinating, the body part which helps is called 'Sphincter'.  It has to be compressed or constricted, whenever you feel fast urination or restless Preventing urine or toilet by pressing this organ. This limb can make you a long race horse, just need to strengthen it. Due to this organ only blood flows on penis and when you get excited, can shake or jerk your penis.
First exercise

In the first exercise, whenever you go to the restroom try to stop peeing in between, every time you do this, make this practice a part of your life. You should always be careful that you have to stop the urination in the middle. By doing so, the sphincter becomes stronger and you have the strength to stop urination and semen

Second exercise


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